Admission criteria

Admission in MedChemTrain is open to holders of a MSc degree, or legal equivalent, that entitles the candidates to proceed to a PhD Program in the country issuing that degree, provided that the MSc was obtained in one of the following areas: Medicinal Chemistry, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Health Sciences or related areas.

The admission criteria will include: CV (with mention of the percentile in the MSc degree, or supported by assertive letters of recommendation), letter of motivation, proficiency in English and, if necessary, interview.

Applicants must provide proof of the master’s degree completion in the appropriate scientific area on the registration date in the doctoral course. By the application closing date, candidates must demonstrate the plausibility of master’s completion before December 31th, namely by presenting a copy of the delivered dissertation and a proof of the program’s masters degree completion, including the average. Candidates with MSc granted by a foreign institution must present a certificate of the recognition of the master’s degree and of the conversion to Portuguese grades (Decree no. 341/2007, October 12th) or the recognition of the degree by a Portuguese university (Decree no. 283/83, June 21st).

In case of oversubscription of the call, (i.e., the number of candidates admitted exceeded by more than a factor of 2 the number of scholarships available, the Directors of the program may opt for a two-stages selection, and exclude from the second stage the lower half of the candidates ranked only on the basis of their CV.

In the 2018-2019 academic year the registration will be made in Coimbra and most of the courses will take place in Coimbra.

Documents required by applicants to the PhD MedChemTrain program:

  • MSc diploma in a scientific area related to Medicinal Chemistry. For Portuguese MSc degrees this includes at least the following:
    • Mestrados em Química Medicinal, Química, Design e Desenvolvimento de Fármacos, Química Farmacêutica Industrial, Tecnologias do Medicamento, Química Farmacêutica e Terapêutica, Ciências Biofarmacêuticas, Engenharia Farmacêutica, Bioquímica.
    • Mestrados Integrados em Ciências Farmacêuticas, Engenharia Química e Medicina.

*Candidates that did not complete their MSc in Portugal are requested to submit an electronic copy of the MSc thesis together with the application.

*Candidates that did not complete their MSc degree but expect to complete it before December 19th, 2018, are requested to submit an electronic copy of the MSc thesis together with their application.

  • Motivation letter, hand written.
  • Two recommendation letters.

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