Core and soft-skills courses

Together with his/her mentor, each student will select the most adequate mix of core and soft-skills courses, corresponding to a total of 36 ECTS.

Core Courses (6 ECTS each)

  • Fundamentals of Medicinal Chemistry. Provides a common scientific background and key concepts in drug discovery to all graduate students.
  • Chemical Biology. Addresses the use of genomic data and chemogenomic approaches in drug discovery, chemical probes to modulate target function, modifications of biomolecules, and ligation chemistries.
  • Computational Drug Discovery. Exposes the students to the state-of-the-art computational tools used in ligand- and target-based drug design, pharmacophore modelling, virtual screening, fragment-based design, 3D-QSAR, and de novo design.
  • Advanced Drug Synthesis. Enables the students to plan and evaluate the synthesis of complex drugs and drug-like molecules including the development of ligands for metal based drugs.
  • Analytical and Imaging Tools in Drug Discovery. Provides training in instrumentation used to unravel mechanisms of action at molecular and cellular level; additional topics include radiopharmaceuticals, theranostics, photopharmacology, and ultrasound-tissue interactions.
  • Drug Development. Creates the awareness of the chemical and process development required to move from laboratoryscale of pre-clinical assays to kilogram-scale of clinical trials.
  • Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry. Exposes the students to the frontier research questions that will shape the future of Medicinal Chemistry. This course will be delivered as a summer school, with hot topics presented by world-class leaders from industry and academy.

Soft-skills package (6 ECTS)

The student has the option to participate in events that promote the program’s societal vision, including personal involvement in the organization of seminars, workshops, and other initiatives to foster informal contact/discussion between students and researchers on career development, project management, ethics, etc.

Additionally, the student may enrol in MedChemTrain partners initiatives such as training in career development, project management, IP protection, ethics in research, ‘entrepeneurship/ innovation/ networking bootcamp’, and institutional ‘open days’.

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