About the Research Units


CCC (73 PhDs, 40 PhD students) cultivates interests ranging from Physical Chemistry, through Synthetic and Materials to Macromolecules and Biological and Medicinal Chemistry.


iMed.UL (94 PhDs, 121 PhD students) works at the interface between biology and chemistry, aiming at understanding the genetic and molecular basis of human diseases and improving the development of novel therapeutic agents and medicines, using a translational research approach.


CQE (109 PhDs, 65 PhD students) is organized along four intertwining thematic lines: Synthesis and Catalysis; Biological, Medicinal and Environmental Chemistry; Materials Chemistry and Photoactive Processes; Thermodynamics of Fluids and Nanosystems.


CNC (209 PhDs, 200 PhD students) is an Associate Laboratory (AL) that fosters fundamental and translational research and advanced training in neurosciences,cell biology and molecular biotechnology.


IMM (206 PhDs, 108 PhD students) is an AL that fosters basic, clinical and translational biomedical research.

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