The mission of MedChemTrain is to offer a unique advanced training platform that can deliver the accomplished medicinal chemists in demand by the pharmaceutical industry.

MedChemTrain will be the PhD program of choice for the next generation of researchers who wish to become experts in the various stages of pre-clinical drug discovery and development.

This interdisciplinary program brings together worldclass research groups at ULisboa and UCoimbra, supported by state-of-the-art facilities in synthetic chemistry, instrumentation, pharmacology, nanotechnology, biochemistry and biology, and pharmaceutical companies capable of delivering an industrial perspective.

Bial, Hovione and Bluepharma are the Portuguese pharmaceutical companies that invest a higher proportion of their resources in internal R&D.

The stakeholders of this program are at the forefront Medicinal Chemistry research, with nearly 3000 Web of Science cumulative publications, comprehensive portfolios of patents, innovative medicines in clinical trials and proprietary of innovative medicines.

The alignment of academic and industrial partners in this training program is a pivotal step towards the creation and dissemination of useful knowledge and, furthermore, a commitment to transform knowledge into value for our society.

Ultimately, the aim of MedChemTrain is to train PhD graduates in the various stages of pre-clinical drug discovery and development, to become aware of biological targets, capable of thinking creatively, skilled in chemical synthesis, understanding the pharmacological actions of purported drugs, and competent to address the challenges of drug development.

Driven by these ambitious aims, MedChemTrain was conceived as an integrated and interdisciplinary course intended for exceptional students from all over the world who will want to lead the discovery of tomorrow’s medicines.

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