Welcome to MedChemTrain, the gateway to innovative medicines.

The quest for new medicines, capable of defeating devastating diseases and offering longer and healthier lives, relies on Medicinal Chemistry.

The medicinal chemist unlocks the secrets of molecular biology, reveals the mechanisms of disease and develops molecules to treat disease. We are proud in MedChemTrain to offer a doctoral program that prepares medicinal chemists to accomplish these missions.

Despite major breakthroughs for some diseases, many of the most common human diseases are not effectively treated by existing therapies and 96% of orphan diseases lack effective therapies. The development of innovative medicines therefore remains essential for progress in the prevention and treatment of human disease.

The pharmaceutical industry strongly invests in such innovative medicines to maintain the steady increase in pharmaceuticals sales, and offers high-value, high-skilled jobs.

Choosing MedChemTrain is to choose an ambitious and exciting career. The challenging but supportive team of lecturers was selected from the wide range of scientific disciplines contributing to Medicinal Chemistry, and combines researchers from the academia and from the industry. Apply to MedChemTrain and get involved in the medicines of tomorrow.

The PhD program directors:
Luis Arnaut (University of Coimbra)
Rui Moreira (University of Lisbon)